Being Beautiful is like building a skyscraper.
It relies on a strong foundation.
All other elements, Serve to enhance the beauty.......

If you really want to look outstanding,

We suggest you begin at the beginning.

Start from the foundation and build up.

Anyone can throw on clothes and a little make-up and call it a look.

But the fact is:
Natural beauty can always be enhanced

Even when you are at your best in life: Don't you look better when you
put forth a little effort?

We all need to do a little something to look our best.




Extasis Salon & Spa :

Caters to People of All Lifestyles.
In the last few years, through experience and networking,
we have encountered many different people.
The most exotic of which being the T Communities.
As professionals, we embrace every form of  the beauty industry.
We have expanded our horizons to encompass almost every beauty
service imaginable, including  transformations.
We are one of the very few salons in our area
that offer this serviceand we love it.
We can help with a wide array of services
to make you look your very best.
Any look that you desire is within reach.
Your privacy is of the utmost concern.
Our transformation services are performed in
The Studio
in a private setting, if you so desire.
All of  our clients'  information is completely confidential
and will never be shared with anyone.        
We are affiliated with several support groups
and other businesses to aid in your transformation.  
A consultation over the phone or in person ( by appointment)
are the best way to decide what you really require to be you.
Please take a look at our Service Menu and decide
what we can help you with,
then give us a call and ask for the Owner.
In addition to all the services listed in the
Service Menu
we offer some specialized services as well.
Specialized Services
Chloe: Originator of website
Pink Essence Social Club
Support Groups
For Cross dressers
& Their Families
Chi Lambda Epsilon Chapter of Tri-Ess

Skin Care
We cannot emphasize more,
the necessity of having great skin
On your face, legs, arms and hands or anywhere else.
It is the ground work for everything that follows.

Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal is Optimum
If it is not an option:
We also offer several different techniques that will
minimize the appearance of hair or temporarily remove it.

Skin Resurfacing
We offer several different types of Facial and Body treatments to refine
the skin  
Minimizing the appearance of large pores and wrinkles
Making it look smoother with a healthy glow
When your skin is in the best condition,
Less make-up is needed and it goes on much more smoothly
Making it look more natural.

Temporary Face Lifts
For those of you who wear a wig
and would like to knock off 10 or 20 years,
( In 20 Minutes )
We offer a service referred to as Taping
In this procedure a wig cap is applied
along with Custom Made Elastic, Tape and Clips
The skin is pulled in the facial, neck and forehead area
Reducing the looser skin to an amazing minimum.
The apparatus is reusable and easily removed
Look 10 to 20 years younger in no time

Hair Styling      
A hairstyle is your crowning glory.
The right color, length, texture and style
are imperative to your finished look.
Whether we are working on your natural hair
or an appliance, many things are considered such as
lifestyle, facial structure, skin color & manageability.
All these factors carefully put together by our stylists
will create your perfect hair style.

Pretty feet and hands are a must!
Nothing finishes a well designed look like a manicure and pedicure.
They are as important as make-up, hair or a beautiful outfit
in order to create a perfectly groomed appearance.

When choosing attire for a casual or formal look,
begin by considering body structure.  
Always consider your height, weight, age, limb length
and which colors suit you the best.
We all look best in certain colors, skirt lengths,
necklines and sleeve lengths.
The proper undergarments are essential in creating a polished look.
If you desire a more exotic look, basically the same rules apply.
WE can help. GIVE US A CALL

Alpha Omega Society
Clothing & Accessories
for Cross Dressers
Specialized Services
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Want To Be
Transformation Consultations
are priced at $100 per hour. A
Gift Certificate will be issued
with every consulataion for the
amount of the consultation
toward future services.
15 minute ($25) minimum.
Extasis Salon & Spa    11277 State Road      North Royalton, OH 44133      440-877-0700
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