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Spa Etiquette

These spa etiquette tips from our experts are designed
to make your trip to Extasis
a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Below are some tips on different subjects
that will guide you though the spa experience.

Please keep in mind, each spa is unique
and you should always check ahead
if you are unsure of anything.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Spa at Extasis
is designed to be a peaceful calm experience.
Knowing how to spa
will insure that you always have the most:
Enjoyable Experience.
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Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to check in, fill out a medical questionnaire if applicable and change
for your Treatment. Arrivals later than 10 minutes after scheduled time may be cut short or rescheduled.
Your treatment, your time, and your body are yours, and we want you to thoroughly enjoy your experience. Please be sure
to communicate preferences to your therapist - the amount of pressure, room temperature, or whether you want
conversation or silence. If you don't tell your therapist, they won't know if you're feeling discomfort.
Please let your provider or staff member know immediately if you are experiencing discomfort for any reason. Our goal is
for your experience to be positive. Corrections can only be made if we are made aware of a problem at the time of service.
If you have any type of medical condition, be sure to mention it when you book an appointment. Certain treatments may
not be advisable for you. Also, before your treatment begins, let your therapist or aesthetician know of any medical
We suggest you wear casual attire-something you can easily slip off and on without fussing. If modesty is an issue please
don't hesitate to chat to us about treatments that can be done while you're fully clothed. We provide any necessary
towels, robe and slippers for you to wear during your visit.
Most therapies flow more easily without the interference of jewelry. We recommend removing neck and wrist ornaments.
We  prefer that you wear your rings and urge you to be mindful of not leaving valuables behind - frantic searches in robe
pockets or nooks and crannies in the treatment room are stress producing for all involved.
The best way to receive a massage or other bodywork is to be unclothed. However, we never require you to disrobed if it
makes you uncomfortable. Our therapists are trained in the "art of draping." They will leave the treatment room while
you get under the sheet on the table, keep you covered at all times, except for the area of the body they are working on,
and will leave the treatment room before you get up from the table.
If you need to shave (particularly beardless men receiving a facial), do it at least two hours before your appointment. If
you have booked a body scrub, we highly recommend shaving the day before since we can assure you that rubbing salt
into the slightest razor wound is not a very relaxing experience.
It's best not to receive bodywork on a full stomach. Schedule meals or snacks at least an hour before that part of your
package. Since bodywork introduces clean, oxygenated and nourished fluids into your tissues and stimulates your body to
purge toxins, it is important to flush them out by drinking plenty of water. Be aware of what you're putting into your nice
clean body after your treatments, especially refined sugars, high fats, caffeine and most importantly, alcohol - any of these
may have a stronger effect on you than normal. Toxins that are not avoided can give you a "toxin hangover". If this
happens, drink more water!
Because the day spa environment should be a tranquil and stress-reducing experience, we request that cell phones are
turned off before entering the spa.
We do love children; we even have some of our own! However, so that the ambiance within the spa remains as relaxing as
possible for all of our guests (many of whom are actually enjoying a retreat from their little people), we request that
children be allowed to express their animated spirits outside of the spa environment. Children under 18 must have the
written consent from parent or guardian to receive spa treatments. Toddlers and babies may be accommodated for
specialized services on an availability basis.
Although we try to disguise outside interference with music, fountains and sound-absorbent walls, loud voices and noises
do filter through. We ask that you please be mindful of others enjoying their Spa treatment,  and try to keep the volume of
your conversations to a minimum.
Your technicians work very hard to make sure you have a very pleasurable experience. Your gratuity is deeply appreciated
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