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Ear Piercing
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Extasis Salon & Spa    11277 State Road      North Royalton, OH 44133      440-877-0700
One Earring Piercing Only
Two Earrings Piercing Only
Earrings Sold Separately Tax Not Included in Pricing
Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We Can Not accommodate children under 3 years

Aftercare Instructions for Ear Piercing
The healing process for pierced ears is usually around 6
months, with most of it occurring in the first 6 weeks.
During the first 24 hours: pain, redness and swelling are
NOT normal. Please call the spa right away if this happens.

During the first 6 weeks:
*   Always wash your hands prior to touching your ears.
*   Twice daily, turn your earrings completely around to prevent
them from adhering to the ear.
*  Cleanse the area twice daily with rubbing alcohol or
antibacterial ointment. Apply one of these liberally to a clean Q-tip
and apply to the front and back of your ear. Make sure one of the
cleanings is done after showering or washing your hair.
*  Keep the pierced area clean and dry, and consider extra
cleaning especially after swimming, showering, using hair
products, spraying perfume, or after exercise.
*   Be careful when removing clothing or brushing hair so the
earrings do not get caught. Consider covering earrings with band
aids during sports or rough play.
*   Do not remove the earrings for at least 6 weeks.

After the first 6 weeks and for the first 6 months,
Do not go longer than 24 hrs without earrings to prevent the skin
from closing up.
After the first 24 hours, if you earlobes get red, painful or swollen,
loosen up the backings a bit, cleanse your earlobes 3 times a day
and wait 24 hours. If they have not improved, or worsen at any
time please call the spa.

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