Of course, it is possible to achieve both looks at once:

    Elegant, yet natural. It is  also perfectly acceptable to pull out all the stops and go for the most dramatic hairstyle ever,
    including jewels and Hair Extensions. It’s all a matter of choice. And even if you do choose your everyday style, there are many
    touches you can add to look a bit more romantic, but still very much like you. The following are a few tips to help you achieve
    the bridal hairstyle for you.

  • Accessories: Hair accessories range from simple pearl headbands and tiny flower studs sprinkled throughout hair to jeweled
    hairpins, lace Juliet caps and glittering princess tiaras. Tiaras look great on either short or long hair, and flowered or jeweled
    accessories are also quite versatile. Don’t forget to consider the style and color of your gown -- as well as your veil -- when
    selecting hair accessories.  When shopping for hair accessories, try to wear your hair in your bridal style to make sure the
    accessories will work. Extasis Salon & Spa, we take the guesswork out of shopping for a headpiece or accessories. We offer a
    trial hairstyle with every Bridal Package so you can come in and work with your stylist to achieve the best style for your wedding.
    Picking a headpiece will be; as easy as can be, when your hair is in the style that you are going to have for your wedding. For
    those of you who have already chosen your attire for the wedding, simply bring the headpiece with you to your Trial Hairstyle
    Appointment and we will create a style that suits not only your headpiece but also YOU.  

  • Condition: Because you’ll probably want your hair to shine on your special day, be sure to use conditioning regime, not just
    the day of your wedding, but several weeks in advance. Not only will your hair be healthier, but also you will know which
    products make your hair look shiny and full, and those, which make it, limp, frizzy or flat. On the day of your wedding, you may
    also want to use some type of laminate, or shine enhancer. In any event, The hair designers at Salon 176 will get your hair in
    optimum condition. The last thing you want is a hair "surprise" on your wedding day.

  • Gown Style: When determining your wedding hairstyle, you might also consider the type of gown you will be wearing. For
    example, if your wedding gown has a medieval look, a sleek French twist and tiara may be out of place. Instead, you might wear
    your hair loose with some sort of floral wreath, or even an elegant braided style. On the other hand, if your dress is very
    streamlined or formal, wearing your hair in a sophisticated updo may be the way to go. Consider the neckline of your gown as
    well -- if you plan to wear your hair down, will it clash with the neckline or cover any special jewelry? Another element to take
    into consideration is how formal your wedding will be. A formal wedding calls for an elaborate updo; however, the same style
    would look out of place at a very informal ceremony. Our stylists will take into consideration every detail of your Special Day
    and create a style that will perfectly suit your wedding event

  • Last Minute Changes: This should be common sense, but in case you are suddenly inspired to change your hair dramatically
    for your wedding, we suggest you really think about it. ! If you absolutely must get that spiral perm or wild new color you've
    always had a hankering for, do it well in advance, (as in several months before your wedding) so if you decide that the "NEW
    DO" isn't’t quite right for your wedding, your stylist will have ample time in order to adjust it. Wedding experts advise that you
    "practice" your wedding hairstyle at least once before your special day.

  • Chameleon: Many brides embrace the opportunity to change their hair for every wedding related event, marking each
    occasion with a different "do." For example, she might wear her hair in her natural style for her bridal luncheon; partially pulled
    back with jeweled accessories for her rehearsal dinner; and in a sophisticated undo with a tiara for her wedding. Who knows --
    she might even get Bo Derek braids for her Caribbean honeymoon…We are here to consult and advise you on all your hair style

    But why so much fuss about hairstyles? Your hair is your crowning glory, and the frame for that gorgeous face of yours.  
    Whether you opt for the simplest enhancement, such as a fresh flower tucked into a French twist, or a professionally sculpted
    curly undo, remember this: on your wedding day, you will be flushed with happiness, and surrounded by the people you love
    most in the world. It is virtually impossible to look bad under these circumstances. Your skin will glow, especially if you prepare
    it with any of our wonderful Spa Packages.  Your eyes will sparkle, your hair will look divine, and of course, you will live happily
    ever after.

    Bridal Policy:  When scheduling appointments for a Bridal Party of three or more persons, a 50 % deposit is required
    of all estimated costs. All estimated costs are quoted at a base price and may vary according to the style requested.
    The deposit will hold all appointments for the scheduled day of service only. The deposit will be applied to all service
    costs on the scheduled day of service. In the event that the entire party cancels within 3 weeks of the scheduled
    service date, the deposit will be returned. There will be no deposit refund in the event of a single cancellation within
    the party. If the bridal party or any person within the bridal party does not appear for their appointment on the
    scheduled service date, no refund will be issued and 100% of estimated costs will be applied.

Extasis Salon II:

Will make your Special Day one to remember.
We have Wedding Day Styling down to a science
Beginning with scheduling you wedding party's appointments to getting you to
the church on time.

Today’s brides have a myriad of options for their nuptial locks, but one thing
remains true:
Your wedding day is no time for a bad hair day.

If you’re like most brides,
you want your hair -- along with everything else --
to look more beautiful than it ever has.
When it comes to hairstyles, there tend to be two kinds of brides: those who
want something dramatic and special
to suit the occasion,
and those who want to look like themselves only better.
We can provide either.

We will open our salon early to accommodate your wedding whenever possible.
Please call for details.

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